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Priests of Creation

Each one of us, made in the image of God, has been given the mandate first given to Adam and Eve, to be priests of creation.  Beauty is all around us.  Our work as priests is to recognize it, enjoy it, care for it.  And offer it back to God.  Like a child who finds and picks a beautiful flower in the family garden and brings it to their parent. 

Not only are we priests of creation, but we are co-creators. 

God didn’t build beautiful cathedrals as places of worship, man did.  God didn’t paint Starry Night, Van Gogh did.  As a priest, God endowed me with a sensitivity to sound, vibration, and words. So I play with words and musical notes to write beautiful songs.  God gave Laura an eye for shape, form and color, so she plays with fabrics and colors to create amazing patchwork quilts.  You may or may not have been given these same artistic abilities, but everyone has been given something special to “priest.”  The way you decorate your house is a priestly function.  The way you combine different foods and spices to prepare a meal is a priestly thing.  Junk food is bad priesting.  The way we welcome people in our lives is a priestly work.  Caring for and about, and loving what God loves. 

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son…”

The word for “world” in the Greek is actually “cosmos.”  God so love the cosmos, all that he created.

Happy priesting!