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A new Rolls Royce

Here in Europe, when our cars get so old that they don’t pass their safety inspection anymore they often get shipped off to Africa, where our brothers and sisters give them a new paint job and keep them going sometimes for years.  That’s okay for cars but when we try to do the same thing in our Christian lives, spend a lifetime trying to fix up the old man, we really haven’t understood the Gospel.

God’s given us a brand new Rolls Royce, but we dig up the old vehicle that got buried at the cross… « If one died, all died »  2 Cor. 5:14. The old man, the old me, can’t be fixed. The new man, the new me, doesn’t need to be fixed. The paradigm of progress towards perfection is just the old salvation by good works false doctrine. It keeps the pride of man intact and many churches in business with returning customers and more altar calls where the same people go forward.

We don’t live towards something, we live from something, the finished work of Christ. “Old things have passed away, behold ALL THINGS have become new. Believe it or not.